Thank you for your patience as we prepare our next round of blanks. We should have another round of pre-finished, earrings-ready Hawaiian Koa wood blanks available in mid-April. Mahalo!

A few things to note before you enjoy the Koa blanks we've prepared for you; first, we have gathered a huge variety of Koa for you this time, and while the great majority is eighth- or quarter-inch stock, we also included some inch thick and larger pieces, for the pen turners and other crafters. There are hundreds of item listings, so please make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom before beginning your browse; all the best stuff is at the end! Please pay attention to the thickness of the piece you are viewing, which will be noted in the product title in parenthesis; for instance, an eighth inch piece will read as "Koa blank (.13)". Which brings us to the second point; we left each piece just a tiny bit thicker than true eighth and quarter, rounding up to .13" and .26" respectively. This is to allow for any further sanding anyone wishes to do. We've also separated the Koa into different quality brackets this time, including several "value pack" listings. It's important to note that any value items have only been rough sanded (to 120 grit), they are not the highest quality Koa wood, and they won't be exhaustively measured or described, piece for piece, as the normal listings will be. The normal Koa, on the other hand, is rough sanded, finish sanded (to 240 grit), and each listing is described in detail, from exact measurements to individual piece imperfections. It takes a great deal of effort to list every piece individually, but we want you to know exactly what you're going to get when you make a purchase. A note about terms; we often reference bookmatched pairs, which are of course pieces of wood which mirror image each other, but we also reference matching pairs, which are simply pieces cut from the same board with highly similar character. Last thing to note is that this Koa is all from the Big Island of Hawaii, and when shipped to the mainland or other off-island destinations, it may go through an acclimation process, causing minor bowing or warping. We will do our best to prevent this in transit, but you may wish to clamp your wood and let it acclimate slowly when it gets to your end.